**new codes**



sweet 🙂


Soz + News

Well im very sorry that i have not been posting lately because my internet has not been working 😦  .

Heres the news:

**New code**


Don’t have the toobar? Go to my free gems page to find out more 🙂

(Rember this is the weekly code. Check back soon for the Facebook code.)

Take note

1. Well i suppose we all got the 20 gemz due to their GEM GRANT to new users.

2. You are advised to make a facebook account [if you dont have one] so you could earn the FB Gem Code every week!

3. Start to save! More exciting updates coming up!! Take a look : Peek [resident items also included in link]

New code(facebook only)

Facebook gem code ! 10 gems


Note: You need to login from facebook

Upcoming Items

Next months Resident and Monthly items!

Next months theme is :


Resident Item

Monthly Items

**New code**


Monthly code(I think you can use it again after



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