secret laser gun! mission 1

o ¸„›•*“”*•‹„¸ ¸„›•*“”*•‹„¸¸„›•*“”*•‹„¸¸„›•*“”*•‹„¸¸„›•*“”*•‹„¸¸„›•*“”*•‹„¸ o

This is the laser gun

1.Okay, buy some water balloons!

(if you don’t have 5 gems, wait until Monday.)

2.Now, throw it at Dough Bot!(he is at the pier)

He crashes down.

3.Okay, so now search Otto above your friends list.

4.And now go to his condo

5.Talk with Otto

6.AND NOW! Look what you get!!

7.Wow! But you have to give it to Dough Bot to fix him :)

8.Wow!! You got the secret throw item now! :o Oh, btw, that’s how it works:

o ¸„›•*“”*•‹„¸ ¸„›•*“”*•‹„¸¸„›•*“”*•‹„¸¸„›•*“”*•‹„¸¸„›•*“”*•‹„¸¸„›•*“”*•‹„¸ o


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